Watch As Kobe Bryant’s Wife Nearly Takes Him Out After Biting It Hard At NCAA Tourney Game

L.A. Lakers star Kobe Bryant only has a few more games left in in illustrious NBA career, but it looked as if it may have ended a little prematurely last night due to a freak knee injury after his wife Vanessa bit it while walking during an NCAA Tourney game.

Attending the Duke-Oregon game together last night to see his former Team USA coach Mike Krzyzewski, the sexy Vanessa lost her footing and bit it hard on the carpet as her and the Lakers star were walking towards their seats, with Kobe dodging the fall by doing a little leap over her.

The five-time NBA champ ducked his wife and the Bryant’s made it to their seats unscathed—well, except for a little public humiliation for Vanessa.

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