Adidas Hooked Up Kris Bryant With Truckloads Of Gear After He Won The NL Rookie Of The Year Award

“” Just as we saw a few months ago after Houston Rockets superstar James Harden inked his massive contract with adidas, the sports company congratulated another one of its young athlete stars with an insane amount of gear that will let him have a new pair of shoes for nearly everyday of his life.

Kris Bryant, the Chicago Cubs stud who just won the NL Rookie of the Year Award, came home to find boxes upon boxes of adidas kicks waiting for him, sitting stacked up in his childhood batting cage in Las Vegas today. 

Bryant tweeted out a pic of him sitting around some of the shoes—with him surprising a high school in Chicago with the same move in the coming months. Being the King of Chicago seems like a pretty cool deal if you ask me.

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