Kuwait Soccer Team Beat The Sh*t Out Of A Referee With A Leather Whip And WTF DID I JUST WATCH?!

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This brouhaha all began when an Al-Jahra player got sent off the field after kicking somebody and the coaches get involved and then the other players get in on the action and before you know this is the most exciting thing to happen in Kuwait since Operation Desert Storm.

Seriously, who the fuck brings a leather whip to a soccer match and then proceeds to hit a referee with the aforementioned whip?

via Deadspin:

So one Al-Jahra player shamelessly kicks an opponent, gets sent off, another Al-Jahra player shamelessly kicks that ref in response, also gets sent off, a goddamn Al-Jahra club director hops onto the pitch and berates the refs before smacking one, and by the end the match had to be canceled after practically the whole team lost their minds and starting beating down on the refs.

There’s really not much more you can say about the shit that went down on that soccer field in Kuwait than what was mentioned above. All hell broke loose and it sucks gigantic elephant balls to be a referee in a country where nobody gives a shit about authority because the athletes are all independently wealthy and think of the referees as second class citizens….Still though, A WHIP?!

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