Kyle Long Trolls NFL’s Random PED Test, Says He Got Strong By Playing Video Games


There have been some hilarious excuses from pro athletes who have been busted for taking PEDs. From Manny Ramirez saying he was given a women’s fertility drug for personal reasons to Nelson Cruz taking a banned substance to help treat a stomach ache, some players freak the fuck out when trying to avoid punishment.

In Chicago Bears’ offensive lineman Kyle Long’s case, though, he hasn’t been busted for any wrongdoing, but he did just troll the NFL for their random drug testing pretty fucking hard.


After being one of the few selected to piss into a cup for testing, Long tweeted out the above photo of him holding his urine, bro flexing and saying that he got those big arms from years of holding an Xbox controller.

While Long was clearly joking, I really hope that, if he ever does get in trouble for PEDs, this is the exact excuse he uses, because it’s a fucking epic response when asked how he got so jacked.

[H/T FTW.USAToday]

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