Cubs’ Kyle Schwarber Carted Off After A Brutal Outfield Collision That Led To A Jean Segura Inside The Park Home Run


Chicago Cubs’ outfielders Kyle Schwarber and Dexter Fowler brutally collided in the second inning during Thursday night’s game against the Diamondbacks.

Schwarber took the brunt of the collision as the two went for a Jean Segura fly ball to left center, which eventually turned into an inside the parker.

Unfortunately, though, as thrilling as inside the park home runs are, it sucks to see them come as the result of something like this. Here’s what it looked like in slo-mo.

The huge impact left Kyle Schwarber down on the ground for some time, before he was eventually carted off the field.

Early indications are a leg injury, but no official confirmation has been made yet regarding the severity. If Schwarber hits the DL, sophomore phenom Jorge Soler should will likely pick up some starts in the Cubbies’ outfield.

UPDATE 11:25pm EST –
looks like Cubs fans can breathe a bit easier…

Prayers up to Schwarber tonight. You hate to see a guy go down any time, much less when the MLB season is so young.