Kyrie Irving Resurfaces To Declare That ‘The Ancestral Realm Energy Is Getting Stronger’, Leaves NBA Fans Utterly Befuddled

NBA Fans React To Kyrie Irving's Tweet About 'Ancestral Realm Energy'

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Despite all of the trade rumors surrounding both Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving, the NBA world hasn’t heard much from the two Brooklyn Nets All-Stars this summer. Until today, that is.

Hoping on Twitter on Tuesday afternoon, the 30-year-old point guard declared that the “Ancestral Realm Energy is getting stronger and stronger” in a tweet that left most basketball fans utterly befuddled.

The Ancestral Realm Energy is getting stronger and stronger my people. Keep praying for truth. All of the racist groups of people that have attempted to enslave Humanity cannot hide from their actions any longer. They are to be judged by Creator. A tribe called US,” Irving’s tweet read in full.

Kyrie Irving’s tweet about “ancestral realm energy” leaves basketball fans scrambling for answers about what it means

Needless to say, given the crypticness of Irving’s words, NBA fans were left quite confused by what exactly Kyrie means.

“I need what you’re on my guy,” said one Twitter user.

“Okay but demand to be traded for Russ again,” joked another.

Whatever it is Irving meant by this tweet, Nets fans can only hope that it means their elite point guard is in the right head space as the 2022 season nears. The Brooklyn organization is certainly going to need it as they attempt to run back the duo of Irving and Durant, who both tried to force their way out of New York City during the offseason.

As things currently stand, the Brooklyn Nets are one of the Top 5 betting favorites to win next season’s NBA title alongside the Boston Celtics, Golden State Warriors, Milwaukee Bucks, and Los Angeles Clippers.

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