Kyrie Irving Reportedly Ghosted Brooklyn Nets Owner Joe Tsai After Controversial Post


Getty Image / Dustin Satloff

The issues just never end for Kyrie Irving and the Brooklyn Nets.

Last season, is health choices left the Nets to try and navigate most of the season without him. The team struggled, ended up having to win a play-in game to get into the playoffs and then got swept out of the playoffs.

During the offseason, it seemed like his time with the Nets may be coming to an end as he considered opting out of his player option or trying to get the Nets to trade him.

Unfortunately for the Nets, neither of those things happened and they came into the season hoping that Ben Simmons would be the piece that Kyrie and Kevin Durant needed to become a contender again.

Instead, they’ve gotten a 2-6 team and more Kyrie drama.

This time around, Kyrie promoted an anti-semitic book/movie and has somehow managed to make the situation worse every chance he got. First he doubled down on his actions, then he refused to just respond “no” to a question about whether he has any anti-semitic beliefs, then he refused to apologize for his actions.

His team condemned his actions. The league condemned his actions. After getting suspended for at least 5 games, Kyrie finally apologized.

However, it seems that isn’t the end of the story. According to ESPN’s Ramona Shelburne, Kyrie ghosted the owner of the Brooklyn Nets amid the drama.

Kyrie Irving reportedly ghosted the Brooklyn Nets’ owner

At this point, Joe Tsai must be counting down the days until Kyrie Irving’s contract expires at the end of the season.