Kyrie Irving Just Did The Unthinkable: Unfollowed LeBron James On Instagram

by 2 years ago

Remember how fun The Real Housewives of the NBA fued between Russell Westbrook and Kevin Durant was last year? It was like watching a girl dump her boyfriend in the cafeteria and then start dating Hunter, the starting quarterback. The perfect mixture of vitriol, pettiness, and ego.

Well, buckle up because NBA fans everywhere are going to be Chinese water tortured with the spiteful happenings of two superstars breaking up for the next 12 months. After news broke that Kyrie doesn’t want to play in Bron Bron’s shadow, LBJ posted a true-to-form cryptic Snapchat vibing in his car to Meek Mill’s ‘Heavy Heart.’ Then there were reports of LeBron wanting to beat Kyrie’s ass,which LeBron kind-of-sort-of debunked in his weird social media presence way.

Kyrie has since dropped the hammer by allegedly unfollowing LeBron on Instagram, which in 2017 is the equivalent to taking a shit on their doorstep.

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Kyrie unfollowed LeBron on IG. 👀 📷: @selzerfx

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This is getting good.

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