Baseball Fans Mock The Red Sox For Trading Away Mookie Betts After Betts’ Historic World Series Game For The Dodgers

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Mookie Betts had himself an impressive game 1 of the World Series and Red Sox fans are forced to wonder what could have been.

Back in February, the Red Sox shockingly traded away Betts to the Dodgers for a slew of prospects after they couldn’t come to a contract agreement with him.

Betts would go on and sign a huge 12-year $365 million contract with the Dodgers which appears to be paying off for the team.

During game 1 of the World Series vs the Rays, Betts became the first player in World Series history with 2+ steals, a homer, and 2+ runs in a single game

Betts also joined Babe Ruth in the history books and became the second player to have a walk and two stolen bases in an inning.

Baseball fans immediately mocked the Red Sox for letting go of a generational talent like Betts.