LA Sheriff’s Deputy Allegedly Tried To Impress Girl At A Bar With Gruesome Photos Taken At Kobe Bryant Crash Site

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Several LA County Sheriff’s deputies are currently being investigated for allegedly illegally taking pictures of bodies at Kobe Bryant crash site and passing them around according to a report.


Some L.A. County Sheriff’s Deputies shared photos of the scene where Kobe Bryant, his daughter, Gigi, and 7 others lost their lives … and the photos included remains from the gruesome aftermath … TMZ has confirmed.

It’s not clear who took the photos, but it was being talked about by first responders just 2 days after the crash, this according to the L.A. Times.

And, according to the report, at least one L.A. County Sheriff’s official had the photos on his cell phone “in a setting that had nothing to do with the investigation.”

The report does not say who took the photos and how many deputies and officials at the Sheriff’s Dept. saw or shared the photos.

According to TMZ, one of the deputies being investigated allegedly tried to impress a girl at a bar by showing her the gruesome photos of the crash site.

We’re told one of the deputies — a trainee — took photos and at some point went to a bar and, as one source put it, “He tried to impress a girl by showing her the photos.” We’re told the bartender overheard the conversation and filed an online complaint with the Sheriff’s Dept.

TMZ goes on to report tat the Sheriff’s department has known about the allegations made against the deputy in question for three weeks.

– We’re told the Sheriff’s Dept. has known about this for 3 weeks. The trainee who showed the photos to a woman in a bar did so a few days after the crash.

We’re told the gruesome photos were also passed around by members of the L.A. County Fire Dept. and we’re told that Dept. is now investigating.

The LA County Sheriff’s is currently preparing a statement on the matter and we’ll update this post once they share it.


It’s not yet clear who was involved, how widely the photos were disseminated or if the deputies took the images at the crash site in Calabasas.

The LASD and other officials say they are working on a public statement on the matter.

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