Why Lacrosse Isn’t Just a Sport for Rich, White Douchebros Anymore


In New York City, lacrosse isn’t just for prep school brats any more. As anyone who’s paid attention to lacrosse’s rapid growth over the years can tell you, the demographics of the game have changed quite a bit from the stereotype lampooned by Brantford Winstonworth a.k.a. “the ultimate lax bro.”

Gawker staff writer Dayna Evans has published a wonderful long-form piece about the game’s changing demographics in NYC, especially in the lesser-privileged  outer boroughs. It’s similar to the piece that the New York Times wrote last September, but interweaves Dayna’s own personal experiences with the game. Lacrosse isn’t really a sport with a great reputation in the throes of many blogging digital media types, but this is a pretty solid step forward in changing the game’s negative douchebro stigma.


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