Diehard Lakers Fan Gets Realistic LeBron James Shaved Onto The Back Of His Head

LeBron James haircut

Getty Image / Thearon W. Henderson

With the Lakers holding a 3-2 lead in their Western Conference Playoffs series against Golden State, one fan is doing his part to spur the Lakers on.

Illinois hairdresser Miguel Rosas spent two hours crafting ‘LeHaircut,’ a haircut for a diehard Laker and LeBron James fan. LeHaircut even has a realistic beard, that mirrors LeBron’s.

It’s actually remarkable looking at all of the tiny details that went into this LeBron James haircut. It has realistic eyebrows, a curly beard, everything.

The comments on Instagram express amazement. People wrote:

“Dope bro!! You killed it!!!”

“Your work is the best 🔥🔥🔥💈🏆”

“Masterful hands”

“The gray beard is crazy”

My only real problem with this is someone got it, presumably, in Illinois and LeBron James never got to see this in person.

With a haircut like this, LeBron James deserved to see it in person. Someone needed to show up courtside and when ‘Bron got the ball they would turn around so he could see it. Or stand behind the basket while he’s taking free throws and show it off.

This is simply too special to be kept in Illinois and not worn to a game.

That said, the ABC 7 Los Angeles report doesn’t mention much at all. It just says the haircut took 2 hours and calls it “LeHaircut.”

For all we know, this person could’ve gotten on a plane and flown from Illinois to California right after getting this LeBron haircut.

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