A Los Angeles Lakers Fan Banked In A Half-Court Shot To Win $100,000

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Every year, thousands of people trot out to half court at basketball games around the country with the chance to take home a laughably oversized check (as well as the significant payday that comes with it. We’ve seen plenty of college kids put a sizeable dent in their tuition payment in addition to fans who have walked away with absurdly large chunks of moneyincluding some people who looked like they’d never touched a basketball in their life.

Plenty of teams have some pretty impressive purses that are given to people who are able to nail a shot from half court, but I’m not sure if anyone comes close to the Los Angeles Lakers, whose Mandalay Bay Big Shot Jackpot gives shooters the opportunity to pocket $100,000 if they put the ball through the hoop. At last night’s game, a 27-year-old bounty hunter named Suni Strong was given the chance to vie for the prize, and he took full advantage of the opportunity.

According to playground rules, Strong’s attempt wouldn’t have counted unless he’d yelled “Bank!” before the ball went in, but he didn’t have to worry about that technicality last night.

I’d like to formally extend my condolences to the 76ers fan who nailed a shot to win the entire arena Chick-Fil-A for the emotional trauma he must suffer every single time he sees a video like this.

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