Mom Makes Stupid Half-Court Shot To Win Stupid Free Tuition For Her Daughter Because Of A Stupid Loophole

The ball is dead when it hits the ground. Period. This is a cute feel good story and all but the league office is going to have to take a second look at this one. The reason the shot eventually went in because it was so fucking bad it tricked the universe into the desired effect. Ya, you could make the case that the desired effect is all that matters, but you and I both know she cashed in on free loot because a loophole. She should wear gloves before handling that dirty money.

This is the face someone makes when they lost a few grand on a technicality but they tryna hold it together in front of a capacity crowd.


P.S. The Facebook post by the school started with “The unbelieveable half-court alley-oop shot and Angela’s shocked reaction when she realizes the ball went in the basket!”

It’s basically science that if someone who doesn’t know dick about basketball tries to talk about basketball, everything is an ‘alley-oop.’

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