Marine Veteran Chugs Beer Out Of Prosthetic Leg At Lakers Game And Becomes Instant Legend

Marine Veteran Chugs Beer Out Of Prosthetic Leg At Lakers Game

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Even the biggest Los Angeles Lakers Hater on the planet has to admit the team has an impressive ability to attract some truly amazing characters to its home games, as the venue currently known as Arena is routinely packed with some wildly entertaining fans.

You usually don’t have to look too hard to find some members of the rich and famous sitting as close to the hardwood as possible, including courtside staple Jack Nicholson and the fairly mysterious megamillionaire who recently bragged about skipping a Lady Gaga concert he was hosting at his mansion in favor of watching the Lakers and Clippers face off.

There are also a number of less notable names who’ve still managed to be immortalized on the internet thanks to their infinitely GIFable behavior, like the legendary Sunglasses Bro and the guy with a Lakers pendant on a gold chain who (for better or worse) basically embodies every quality most people would expect to find in a stereotypical fan.

Now, a new legend has joined their ranks courtesy of what went down when the Pacers headed to Los Angeles for a showdown with the guys in purple and gold on Monday night, as “Fan of the Game” honors were rightfully awarded to Marine Corp veteran who got the crowd rocking by chugging a beer out of her prosthetic leg on the Jumbotron.

According to TMZ, the spectator in question was Annika Hutsler, who enlisted in 2017 and had her leg amputated due to a tumor a couple of years later. It was apparently the first time she ever attended an NBA game, and while it might be all downhill from there, it’s still one hell of a way to make your grand debut.

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