Lakers And NBA Reward LeBron James With A Sick Gold Chain After Breaking All-Time Scoring Record

Lakers star LeBron James

Getty Image / Ron Jenkins

LeBron James breaking the all-time scoring record is one of the biggest moments in NBA history.

For that reason, it sounds like the Los Angeles Lakers and the league got him a gift for breaking the record.

After becoming the highest-scoring player ever, LeBron James was gifted a sick gold chain you have to see to believe.

Wave Check showcases the features of the necklace. The front features a lion, clearly representing his “King” nickname. You can also see all three logos of the teams James has played for through the years, the Lakers, Miami Heat, and Cleveland Cavaliers.

Here’s a short clip that really shows the bling.

That’s a mighty fine piece of jewelry the Lakers star was rewarded for breaking the all-time record. Chances are it’s more expensive than my car.

Also, this makes me wonder if the Lakers and the NBA gifted Kareem Abdul-Jabbar when he originally broke the all-time scoring record in 1984.

Good luck trying to find that information. I tried Googling it but there was nothing to be found.

Oh well, at least LeBron James is guaranteed to take home some hardware this season. The Lakers are in the mix for the playoffs. But there are still plenty of games to be played in the regular season.

With that said, keep a close eye on LeBron James, as it’s unclear when he will return from injury.