LeBron James Ripped Apart Over Alleged Dream He Had About Michael Jordan

LeBron James

Getty Image / Justin Ford

LeBron James tweeted about an alleged dream he had on Sunday morning as he claims he had a realistic dream about Michael Jordan.

However, many are not believing the Los Angeles Lakers star for one minute.

James sent these tweets for the world to see.

Apparently, this is a recurring dream that LeBron James has.

Now, there is no benefit in James making this up. I mean, it’s a dream. They’re bizarre and never sound believable at all.

Regardless, LeBron James is getting ripped apart over his dream about Michael Jordan.

James can’t even have dreams anymore without getting ripped on. Even NBA fans don’t believe him.

This meme will never get old.

I don’t know why anyone would make something up like this but, LeBron James has kind of built this reputation.

LeBron has a great memory.

Hey, if he had the dream then that’s cool. There’s really no way of knowing if he actually had the dream or not. So people are going to continue piling on.