Robert Griffin III Shed Some Light On The Ravens Approach To Lamar Jackson Saga In Latest Tweet

Baltimore Ravens Quarterback Lamar Jackson throws a pass.

Getty Image / G Fiume

The Lamar Jackson-Baltimore Ravens saga has reached a critical mass. On Tuesday, the team placed the non-exclusive franchise tag on the quarterback.

This means that while Jackson is free to negotiate with other teams, the Ravens can choose to match any offer. And, if they elect to not match an offer, they will receive two first-round picks as compensation. That’s quite the steep price, when you consider that the team signing Jackson would have already had to pay him around $150,000,000 guaranteed.

And, late Friday evening, former Commanders and Ravens quarterback and current ESPN NFL analyst Robert Griffin III gave some inside info on the Lamar Jackson situation.

So, if I understand this correctly, the Ravens are essentially using this tag to tamper the expectations of Lamar Jackson and what he can expect in a contract. By letting him see the open market, their hope is that he will agree to a deal more in line with what the Ravens want to offer, and not the fully guaranteed deal of over $200,000,000 that he currently wants.

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