Did Lamar Odom Cave To The Twitter Mob And Buy A Bigger TV For His Living Room?

Lamar Odom poses for a photo.

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Former NBA player Lamar Odom might’ve caved to the Twitter mob and bought a new TV for his home living room. The basketball star was mocked over the weekend for having a television that didn’t fit the walls of his massive house.

The criticism might’ve just gotten to Odom, who recently posted a follow-up photo showing off a sleek big screen. It’s sparked another reaction from fans and followers on social media.

Odom became the target of ridicule on Sunday after he posted a photo of himself watching the Team USA basketball exhibition versus Germany.

While Odom intended to show his support of the team, which came from behind to beat Germany 99-91, most keyed in on a TV that appeared much too small for his blank living room walls.

Followers immediate bashed his home entertainment setup, begging him to both get a larger television and add some decor to the empty living room.

A few hours after that initial criticism, Odom replied in the thread with what appeared to be either a new TV purchase or the box of the television that was currently on the wall. That response included the photo of a box seemingly carrying a 70″ flatscreen.

On Monday, he sent a new photo to his followers. Was it proof of a new purchase and installation?

Social media users seemed split in their reactions. Some believed it to be a new buy.

There were those, though, who believed it to be the same TV, just at a closer angle.

Whatever the case, Lamar Odom appears to be having some fun with his social media following. Good to see the big man doing well.

Jacob Elsey
BroBible writer. Jacob is a graduate of the University of South Carolina and is based in Charleston, SC.