LaMelo Ball’s Gold Ferrari And Driving Skills Get Roasted By His Haters

LaMelo Ball

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LaMelo Ball was seen driving in his gold Ferrari. His haters, of which, sadly, there are many, began to roast his Ferari SF90 and his driving skills.

A video began circulating after it was shared by Averyy/asiligirl9 on TikTok. The video’s caption alluded to the fact that it was LaMelo Ball via hashtags.

In the video we see LaMelo Ball’s metallic gold Ferrari pulling out dangerously into traffic. He inches so far into oncoming traffic that a car is forced to stop and let him pull out completely. It’s almost as if it’s too much car for him.

The top comment on TikTok reads “Bro can’t drive.” I’d clarify that it appears LaMelo Ball can’t drive his Ferrari.

Who knows what his general driving skills are like but this is an indictment of his supercar driving skills for sure.

Another person wrote “Buddy pulled half way into the street” while someone else commented that “The white car basically stops I would’ve gone too.”

One commenter wrote “Every video I ever seen of Melo driving he always cutting someone off.”

LaMelo was pulled out blocking the road. The white car was basically forced to stop.

It is believed the model of a Ferrari SF90. Though, another person claimed it’s a Ferrari 488 GTB. That model starts at over $500K and goes 0-to-60 mph in just 2.4 seconds, a half of a second faster than the LaFerrari.

Here is LaMelo Ball taking a picture in front of what appears to be the same Ferrari over a year ago. In this picture it’s red. He most likely got it painted gold:

He has also been featured in front of a tennis ball yellow Ferrari (different model):

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