Lane Kiffin Continues To Troll Bama, Slyly Subtweets Nick Saban With Taylor Swift Song

Lane Kiffin and Nick Saban talk before a game.

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Lane Kiffin continues to troll Nick Saban ahead of a matchup between Ole Miss and Alabama. The former partners in crime will be adversaries come Saturday.

While the two hold a tall respect for one another, Kiffin is never shy to take a playful jab at his former boss. He had some fun on Monday as he sub-tweeted Saban with a Taylor Swift song.

Now, Kiffin may or may not be in the position he’s in without Saban’s help. After struggling through stints as head coach with the Raiders, Tennessee, and USC, he found himself in the Nick Saban School of Rehabilitation.

Working as OC at Alabama, Kiffin showed off the offensive genius that led to his initial head coaching consideration, becoming a Broyles Award finalist in 2014.

After three seasons, he found himself back in a head coaching role with Florida Atlantic, and now, Ole Miss.

With the Rebels, Kiffin is 26-13, including a perfect 3-0 mark this year. He’s hoping to keep that record unblemished on Saturday when Ole Miss travel to Alabama.

The Top 15 showdown should provide entertainment enough to fans, but Kiffin is giving his social media followers a leadup to the SEC West rivalry.

Early in the week, he insinuated that Alabama had changed their defensive play caller without making a public announcement. Kiffin insisted that former South Carolina DC Travaris Robinson was leading the charge, not Kevin Steele, whose defense was shredded against Texas.

That insinuation forced a response from Saban, who looked both tired and annoyed at having to answer the distracting questions.

“Kevin Steele is our defensive coordinator,” the head coach replied in a recent presser.

Many were usure is Kiffin was serious in his accusations or simply trolling for reactions. He made his intentions clear in his latest social media activity, though.

Kiffin spent his Tuesday morning retweeting Taylor Swift content on Twitter. More specifically, a song called, “Castles Crumbling.”

AKA sub-tweeting Nick Saban about his soon to be fallen empire in Tuscaloosa.

Followers were quick to catch on to the head coach’s antics.

“Lane Kiffin out here sub-tweeting Saban with a Taylor Swift song. How is this real life?” one person asked.

“Coach!! This is next level trolling!” someone else said.

“Never thought I would see you sub tweeting Saban with a Taylor Swift song,” another follower wrote. There’s a first time for everything.

Crimson Tide fans are already prepping for a Taylor Swift themed response in Bryant-Denny Stadium.

Ole Miss and Alabama will square off on Saturday at 3:30 PM ET.

“…Ready for It?” Lane Kiffin is.