UNC Football Coach Squeezes In Drake And Golden State References While Trying To Prove He’s Hip

by 2 years ago

ACC Football is low-key an incredibly difficult conference to recruit in. The conference is top-loaded with perennial National Championship contenders Florida State and Clemson who soak up all the Blue Chip 4 and 5-star recruits, leaving schools like UNC, Miami, UVA, VT, Cincinnati, and others to fight for the 3-stars and whatever else slips through the cracks.

In an effort to drum up some offseason attention for his program and try to prove that he’s just as relatable as Clemson’s Dabo Swinney, UNC Football head coach Larry Fedora released this video. This is obviously a joke that Larry’s in on, but that doesn’t mean it won’t make your skin crawl with cringe. Larry Fedora tries to squeeze in every pop-culture reference he can manage in just a few seconds:

Someone should tell UNC Football head coach Larry Fedora that all he needs to do in order to become relatable is the Whip Dance on a boat like Dabo Swinney:

Or, if Larry Fedora really wants to make himself relatable he can appear in an actual rap video like Jim Harbaugh:

You don’t need to be such a try hard, Larry. You’ve wandered off into the ‘Lane Kiffin’ realm of needing attention. It’s time to come back to the center.

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