Leaked Images From ‘NBA 2K18’ Reveal All 30 Of Nike’s New ‘Statement’ Jerseys

leaked jerseys nba 2k18


Back in July, Nike unveiled a small sampling of what some of their new NBA jerseys will look like for the upcoming 2017-2018 season.

As a part of Nike’s redesign of every team’s NBA uniform they announced that they would be getting rid of home and road jerseys and replacing them with four core uniforms for each team, classified into four “editions.” The editions are called The Association Edition, The Icon Edition, The Classic Edition, as well as a Statement Edition.

Here’s a look at two of the Sacramento Kings’ new unis…

Several, if not all of the Association and Icon jerseys have already been revealed, but until today no one had seen the Statement jerseys yet. And no one was apparently supposed to have seen them either, but one man in Australia, @JMoneyMikita, got his hands on an advance copy of NBA 2K18 and lo and behold, all 30 of Nike’s new Statement jerseys were revealed!

Here are some of what he discovered…

Check out the rest of the uniforms right here.