LeBron James Dunked, Then Bled All Over the Place from His Face

by 5 years ago

Screen Shot 2014-02-21 at 9.01.04 AM

LeBron James continued his year-long Festivus feats of strength last night against the Oklahoma City Thunder. Midway through the fourth quarter of the Heat’s easy victory, James picked up a full head of steam and drove down the lane for a high-flying dunk. His flight was interrupted by Serge Ibaka, who delivered a solid blow to the face.

A lesser man would have gone sprawling in the air and abandoned the attempt. But James isn’t a mortal human being. He completed the dunk as the referees swallowed their whistles, then had the courage to bleed his blood all over the court for all to see.

The injury forced James to leave the game. He passed a concussion test and was sent to the hospital for X-rays, according to a report.

A broken nose could be a blessing in disguise, as James is already considering ways to make a new look badass.



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