BRO MOVE: LeBron James Dishes Financial Assist, Will Pay Full College Tuition For Kids Completing ‘I Promise’ Program

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In addition to being the best basketball player on the planet—with all due respect to all those other guys who stake their claim for that title—LeBron James is someone with boatloads of money.

Like, seriously, when a dude signs a $90 million deal with Nike before he even laces ’em up for his first NBA game at 18 years old, you know he’s running out of places to stash his cash.

With a net worth believed to be about $325 million—and growing—James knows that he doesn’t need to keep all those bills just laying around to get wasted, figuring there are other people who could use it, too.

And, being the smart marketing guru that he is—who says you need an MBA to be successful in business?—LeBron just pulled a very bro move by promising full, college scholarships to kids who complete his “I Promise” program.

The program consists of a series of promises for middle-schoolers ranging from the vague (“I promise to be a leader”) to a more specific pledge (“I promise to go to school and arrive on time for all my classes”), with the last promise of, “I promise to accept the challenge to finish school,” as carrying the most weight of the nine listed.

Partnering with the University of Akron, James tweeted out the following yesterday to make the generous announcement:

// university is even renaming its education department the LeBron James Family Foundation College of Education—pretty rad. While the full kinks still being worked out by James and the A-K-rowdy, the full value of James’ offer is $38,000, meaning a lot of kids should take him up on this offer.


It’s an amazing feeling when you get accepted into college, but it would be a hell of a lot cooler knowing that you’re going on one of the best ballers’ ever tab.

For all the LeBron haters out there, shhh, it’s time to put it to rest, because the dude shows he’s capable of dishing sick dimes both on and off the court with this move.

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