LeBron James Jokes About His Evaporating Hairline With Video Of His 16-Year-Old Self Dominating ABCD Camp

by 7 months ago

Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

LeBron James is living proof that you can have more money than most small nations, but the stress required to drag Jose Calderon and Jeff Green to the NBA Finals proves fatal for one’s follicles.

At this point, LeBron’s 34-year-old hairline is like a second-semester senior: it comes and goes when it pleases and has no respect for authority.

My lady and I are going to close our eyes and point to spot on the picture below, and that’s where we’re going for our honeymoon.

Dude’s hairline has gone straight Infinity War on him and there’s not a damn thing he or Hair Club for Men can do about it.

LeBron is arguably the most impressive physical being on earth, but everyone has insecurities, and I can’t imagine LBJ doesn’t weep every time Coby White pops up on TV.

The Twitter account Timeless Sports posted a video montage of a 16-year-old LeBron dominating ABCD Camp with a robust ‘fro, and The King executed a smart PR move by being self-degrading and controlling the narrative. Like that time I jokingly bragged about being a virgin my junior year of high school, so no one else’s words could hurt me.

Any time Twitter corrals around LeBron’s hairline, I’m present for it.

This is starting to constitute cyber bullying and I won’t stand for it!



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