LeBron James Left Out Of All-Time Starting Lineup By Former Teammate

NBA star LeBron James

Getty Image / Thearon W Henderson

One of the most memorable moments of Ray Allen’s career came as one of LeBron James’ teammates.

For the last 2 years of his NBA career, Allen played a key role off the bench for the Miami Heat during LeBron’s time with the team.

When they won their 2nd ring with LeBron, it was due in large part to Ray Allen saving the day in Game 6 with a late 3 to send the game into overtime. The Heat beat the Spurs in that overtime and then went on to win Game 7.

Despite the 2 seasons Allen spent playing alongside LeBron and the ring that they won together, it looks like he doesn’t have the Lakers star in his all-time starting lineup.

He told Fadeaway World’s Ishaan Bhattacharya that his starting lineup would be Magic Johnson, Michael Jordan, Larry Bird, Shaquille O’Neal, and Hakeem Olajuwon. He then added that his 6th man would be LeBron.

I guess we now know where Ray Allen falls on the Jordan vs LeBron debate.

Regardless of your stance on that debate, it still seems like a pretty bold move to not have LeBron in your all-time starting lineup.

It’s hard to make the argument for him being anywhere below #2 all-time and since him and Jordan don’t play the same position, that should mean that he’s guaranteed a spot.

Even just in terms of roster construction, it’s hard to see how you don’t put him in this team’s starting lineup.

The team is starting two centers. Having LeBron play power forward instead of either Shaq or Olajuwon just makes more sense.

Whatever his reasoning, Ray Allen really made a bold choice here not putting LeBron James in his all-time starting lineup.