NBA Fans Recall Every Time LeBron James Has Lied To The Media In Hilarious Viral Thread

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Earlier this week Kevin Durant may have been caught in a lie when he denied telling Jay Williams to not ever compare him to Giannis Antetokounmpo.

The Durant-Williams situation led fans to debate who is the greatest liar in the NBA.

While many agreed that KD was a big-time liar, LeBron eventually took the crown as the greatest liar in the NBA.

Fans then started recalling every instance LeBron may have lied while speaking to the media which included the time he said he knew Kobe Bryant was going to score 80 points before the game had even started.

And the time when he said he “don’t flop” and “doesn’t even know how to do it.”

The thread is pretty long and includes several hilariously obvious lies LeBron has told throughout his career.

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