LeBron James Reveals What He Meant By His ‘Here Or The Garden’ Comment After Knicks Fans Have Full Meltdown On Twitter

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Immediately after last night’s game between the Heat and the Lakers, longtime friends Dwyane Wade and LeBron James held a memorable exchange on the court in Wade’s farewell game in L.A.

During the exchange, LeBron told Wade that “it was either here or the Garden,” in reference to the venue for their final showdown which led to many Knicks fans to believe that LeBron had actually considered playing in New York before choosing to sign with the Lakers this offseason.

Knicks fans went on to have a full meltdown on Twitter after the exchange.

While speaking to the media, LeBron clarified what he meant with his offhand comment and revealed that he was only talking about the venue and that he never really considered joining the Knicks.

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