LeBron James Crashed Into Jason Day’s While Wife Going For A Loose Ball [UPDATE]

LeBron James is a 6’8″, 265 pound athletic freak of nature. When the LeBron be comin’, you best be goin’.

Or… don’t do anything at all. Impressive decision. Bold, if nothing else. Key piece of advice here: If you have court side seats, try and watch THE GAME.

UPDATE: The woman LeBron bowling-balled his way into happened to be pro golfer Jason Day’s wife, Ellie, who is doing fine.

And LeBron took a little time to pass along some well wishes, which was pretty cool. He’s just playing hard, guys!

Great news. But if it were just some random woman who happened to have choice seats, no one would really give a shit. What a harsh, clinically confused world.



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