LeBron James Reportedly May Consider Requesting Trade Out Of L.A. If Lakers Strike Out In Free Agency

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The LA Lakers are in a good position to improve this offseason considering the long list of players entering free agency

The Lakers also look like they’re back in the Anthony Davis sweepstakes considering the Boston Celtics appear to be standing pat now that it’s clear Kyrie Irving is leaving.

Despite all the possibilities the Lakers could conceivably strike out on every big time free agent this offseason which may lead to LeBron considering requesting a trade from the team according the LA Times Bill Plaschke

Via Bill Plascke on ESPN’s Jorge Sedano Show

I’m hearing that, if they whiff on free agency, and if they whiff on a trade – which I don’t know how likely that is, but if that happens, they’ve got big trouble with LeBron. Why would LeBron – I mean, the LeBron era could be over before it starts here.

I heard this for the first time yesterday. Somebody very connected said “You know what, if they whiff, LeBron’s going to say either, ‘I’m out of here’ or ‘Get me out of here,’ or the Lakers better just might as well just get him out of here.”

Odds are that the Lakers land at least on super star this offseason and that would be enough to appease LeBron

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