LeBron James Berates Son’s AAU Opponent For Not Showing Good Sportsmanship ‘Get In Their A** Like A Bike Without A Seat’


LeBron James has been doing his best LaVar Ball impression the past week in Las Vegas at his son LeBron James Jr.’s AAU tournament. A few days ago LeBron reportedly questioned the age of a kid roasting his son’s team. Now the Cavs superstar was seen berating his son’s opponent’s team for not “showing sportsmanship”during a recent game.


It all went down at an AAU tournament in Vegas where Bronny’s team — the North Coast Blue Chips — were taking on the Utah Elite … and LeBron wasn’t happy with the way things were going.
You can hear James say, “Don’t care about sportsmanship?” — but it’s unclear why.
He then yells out to the players, “Get in they ass like a bike without a seat.

LeBron needs to chill man.

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