LeBron James Stared Into Steph Curry’s Soul After Denying Him From Making A Practice Layup Last Night

Throw out all that bullshit talk of no rivalry brewing between LeBron James and Stephen Curry, because that shit is fully engaged and it’s making the NBA Finals actually compelling. And LeBron proved it last night during Game 3 of the Cavs’ blowout victory.

As time expired in the third quarter, James—whose team was leading 87-68 at the time—ruthlessly denied Curry from making a practice layup, making a statement in the process by staring deep into Steph’s soul afterwards.

Here’s a closer look at it.

The Cavs played with actual energy and determination last night, protecting home court and making this a series. And when asked after the game about why he did it, James echoed that intensity:

“When you have the greatest shooter in the world trying to get an easy one or trying to get in rhythm, it’s our job to try to keep him out,” James explained of the play.

“Anytime, if you’re a great player and you see the ball go in, no matter if it’s after the play or during the play, then you start feeling it. Not that you feel good because you know what you’re capable of, but it helps. So I didn’t want him to see the ball go in,” James added.

Steph’s had a forgettable series to this point, and James’ stuff on a shot that didn’t even matter just added to that.

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