Lakers Fans Lose Their Minds After LeBron James’ Friend On Twitter Claims Lebron Is Leaving To L.A.

lebron james powder toss

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All signs are pointing to LeBron James leaving and joining the LA Lakers next season. According to TMZ, it’s very likely that LeBron’s son Bronny will enroll at Sierra high school in L.A. next year.


Another good sign for Lakers fans — LeBron James’ 13-year-old superstar son is very “likely” to enroll at Sierra Canyon School in L.A.

Sierra Canyon’s basketball team is loaded with the DNA of NBA legends — with the spawn of Scottie Pippen and Kenyon Martin playing side by side with Derek Fisher’s nephew.

As one source with knowledge of the situation put it … all signs point to Bronny ending up at SC, and the school is holding a place for him when he makes his final decision.

Bronny is considered the best 13-year-old baller in the country — he’s currently going to school in Ohio.

Another good sign for Lakers fans is that a guy who LeBron James follows and has interacted with on Twitter, @Cuffsthelegend, says Bron is going to announce he’s going to L.A. before July 4th.

This same guy also predicted LeBron was going to Cleveland a day before it happened.

Let’s just say that Lakers fans are excited.

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