Leonard Fournette Drops From The Clouds To Ruthlessly Troll His Former QB Blake Bortles’ Passing Abilities

Sam Greenwood/Getty Images

Can someone please update Blake Bortles Wikipedia page to reflect his recent death at the hands of Leonard Fournette? He deserves at least that much.

Fournette and Bortles no longer share the same locker room, but that doesn’t prohibit the Jaguars running back from trolling his former quarterback and current Los Angeles Rams backup.

Before the Jaguars’ 29-15 win over the Jets, the LSU product engaged in a game of catch with a youngster who hadn’t yet drank enough milk to develop the strength to properly throw a football. Fournette, who is known for habitually trolling his teammates, saw this as a prime opportunity.

Fournette has evidently been sharpening his troll skills since he entered the league.

Saturday Down South/Instagram

Blake Bortles has yet to respond to the knife job. That’s because he is deceased. May he rest in peace.