Le’Veon Bell Fires Shot At NFL Network’s Kyle Brandt On Twitter For Saying Steelers Shouldn’t Give Him A Longterm Deal

by 2 years ago

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Early this morning NFL Network’s Kyle Brandt went on a bit of a rant discussing Le’Veon Bell’s contract situation with the Steelers.

Brandt is clearly on the Steelers side and believes that even though Bell is one of the best running backs in the league the team doesn’t owe him a longterm deal.

I’m sitting here refreshing LeVeon Bell’s twitter cause I know he’s going to say something about it, he’s tweeted some things about it before and I don’t think they should give him a long term deal. Not at all, why should they do it, he’s worth less now than he used to be. I understand the services rendered and everything but if you weren’t going to do it a year ago why would you do it after 300 plus touches. That’s business, that’s the business it is

Bell wasn’t pleased with Brandt’s rant and threatened to unleash former Steelers DAngelo Williams on them.

Bell is referencing the time Williams was on the NFL Network and made things a bit uncomfortable when he confronted some of the hosts for picking the Patriots over the Steelers during their regular season game last year.

Unfortunately for Bell it doesn’t seem like the Steelers agree with Brandt and are not going to give him the longterm deal he wants.

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