PSG Fans Lit Off Fireworks And Went WILD In The Streets As Lionel Messi Arrived In France

Supporters cheer outside French football club Paris Saint-Germain's (PSG) Parc des Princes stadium in Paris on August 10, 2021, after Argentinian football player Lionel Messi landed in Le Bourget airport near Paris. - Asked by reporters at Barcelona's El Prat airport if the Argentine star would later on sign with the French club, Jorge Messi, the father and player's agent, said: "Yes".

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  • Lionel Messi has arrived in France and was met by an unbelievable crowd in Paris.
  • Supporters shot fireworks and lined the streets at the airport and outside of the team stadium
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With his tearful departure from Barcelona behind him, Lionel Messi arrived in France on Monday to an unbelievable, rowdy welcome. The 34-year-old soccer superstar has signed with Paris Saint-Germain and was met by thousands of fans.

He left his home in Castelldefels to head to the Barcelona airport early on Tuesday morning. Fans gathered around his home to send him off.

People began to gather at the Le Bourget airport in Paris hours before Messi’s arrival.

Coverage around Messi’s every move was intense and the crowd went bonkers when his plane arrived.

Around 4pm local time, Messi poked his head from the window and greeted his new French fans for the first time.

It was an absolute madhouse.

People were setting off full-blown fireworks in celebration.

Messi eventually left the airport to another massive reception.

Before PSG could officially announce the signing, Messi needed to undergo a medical evaluation. He received a significant police escort as he pulled into the hospital.

Paris literally stopped for Messi and gave him the royal treatment.

When fans found out that Messi had left the airport, they took off to follow him.

Those who stuck around at the airport went absolutely bonkers when the transfer was made officials.

Meanwhile, at PSG’s stadium in Prince-Marmottan, the entire city showed up to welcome Messi home.

Very few people in the world could receive a welcome like Messi. He is on equal standing with Ronaldo, the Pope and maybe the royal family. Insane.