Lionel Messi Ordered The World’s Most Disgusting Pizza And Fans Are Horrified

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Lionel Messi’s acclimation to the United States seems to going about as well as one could’ve imagined.

The soccer superstar is absolutely dominating on the field, with 11 goals in 11 matches for MLS team Inter Miami.

Off it, he seems to be integrating perfectly. He’s even enjoying the little things. like getting to go grocery shopping without being swamped by a mob of people.

But that all came to an end on Friday.

Messi is reportedly set to Inter Miami’s game at Atlanta United this weekend. The team is hoping to manage the 36-year-old’s minutes as the playoffs near and Atlanta’s turf surface presents an added injury risk.

So to celebrate his week off, Messi did what any good American would do on a lazy Friday night: he order a pizza.

No big deal, right?


Messi ordered the pizza from a little-known Argentinian spot named Banchero. While we’re sure they make perfectly fine pizza, that is not the case with whatever the heck Messi ordered.


Messi’s pizza order appears to include no cheese, 2-3 entire tomatoes, some onion, olives (?!?) and something brown that we’ve yet to figure out what it is.

Leo, my guy, WHAT?!?

The pizza looked so bad that it even made some fans reconsider his GOAT status.

And apparently it somehow gets worse?!

Messi genuinely left his fans horrified by the abomination.

If it takes eating that become the soccer GOAT, I think I may be better off just as an ordinary, regular person. Because that is an absolute atrocity.

How did Argentinians get pizza so wrong?! The country has plenty Italian roots!

That man’s stomach is going to be the sight of World War III this weekend.

Leo, buddy, we know that you love Miami.. But maybe wait until your next New York trip to have pizza.