A Lionel Messi Missed Shot Broke A Fan’s Wrist And Almost Made Her Pass Out

by 4 years ago


Lionel Messi is, arguably, the best soccer player on the planet, capable of scoring from anywhere thanks to his magical feet and ridiculous skill. So one would think that sitting behind the goal during one of his matches isn’t cause for concern—until a missed shot of his ends up breaking your wrist and leaving you light-headed.

That was the unfortunate scene during the FC Barcelona-Villarreal match, as some girl named Raquel became the victim of a Messi shot that sent her to a place no fan ever wants to go to, looking as if she was fucked up on some bad shit after the ball nailed her.

It does turn out that, while the girl looked woozy and appeared lightheaded and/or dizzy, she told a local TV station that, other than breaking her wrist, she was feeling fine. That’s good news, but, damn, fans going to Barca games from now on better keep their heads on a swivel.

[H/T Deadspin]

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