Social Media Losses It Over Lions QB Teddy Bridgewater Wearing #50

Teddy Bridgewater

Nic Antaya/Getty Image

Freshly signed Detroit Lions quarterback Teddy Bridgewater sent ripples through social media as he revealed his jersey number plans with his new team.

Bridgewater’s unique choice of wearing #50, a number typically associated with defensive players, sparked a flurry of online reactions and discussions.

The quarterback’s distinctive entrance to the training camp, clad in a conspicuous jersey without any number, immediately caught the attention of onlookers.

Following the practice session, Bridgewater engaged with reporters and unveiled his intention to sport the unconventional #50 jersey, a number traditionally reserved for defensive positions.

This departure from the norm led social media users to collectively join in on the playful speculation and jest.

As Bridgewater addressed the media: “I don’t have a number yet, can’t talk.” But he couldn’t hold back a chuckle as he further revealed, “I’m going to wear No. 50. I’m going to wear 50, man.

The Lions official website does confirm Bridgewater’s claim to the #50 jersey.

But the NFL’s jersey regulations dictate that quarterbacks can only wear numbers between 0 and 19, making Bridgewater’s choice an impossibility for the regular season.

The quarterback’s light-hearted approach and willingness to indulge in some preseason amusement prompted a whirlwind of reactions across social media platforms.