Is This Extensive List Of LIV Golf Contract Restrictions Worth It For Players?

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The second season of the upstart LIV Golf Tour kicked off in Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula over the weekend with CH3 winning at Mayakoba. The TV ratings weren’t spectacular but they still have time to find an audience.

Charles Howell III earned $4 million for winning the Mayakoba Invitational, or just under 10% of his career PGA Tour earnings of $42,025,458.

That’s a pretty glorious payday for a 43-year-old golfer who never won a major and only had 1 win on the PGA Tour since 2007 (3 PGA Tour wins in total). And money is great so there’s nothing for LIV Golf Tour members to complain about, right? Well…

Attorney John Nucci who is the Chief Golf Law Correspondent at Conduct Detrimental put together an extensive list of LIV Golf contract restrictions. Some of these seem obvious but others are big revelations and very intrusive.

Comprehensive List Of LIV Golf Contract Restrictions

In a recent Twitter thread, attorney John Nucci listed out all the LIV Golf contract restrictions that have been revealed through recent court filings:

The apparel portion of #3 makes sense given recent changes in the golf world.

Required self-promotion from professional athletes:

Does this hint at a future LIV Golf mini-documentary in the works?

Corporate sponsor meetings with players and execs:

It appears as if they’re handcuffed on what they can/cannot say:

This is where things stand as of now:

Of course, none of this really has any bearing on the product/fan-facing side of the LIV Golf tour. And these LIV Golf players are being paid massive fortunes.

But it is worth pondering if these restrictions are worth it for all the players. Especially when there were recent rumors of ‘buyer’s remorse.’

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