Adam Silver May Need To Cancel The NBA Season After Seeing Lonzo Ball’s Weight Lifting Form

lonzo ball lifting weights workout

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The New Orleans Pelicans may have spent too much time perfecting Zion Williamson’s walking form and paid absolutely no attention to Lonzo Ball in the weight room. Just when it appeared that Ball was starting to turn the corner in the NBA and steer the experts away from labeling him a bust, the season gets postponed until further notice, and on top of that, this video gets released.

Is there a worse look for the Pelicans’ strength and conditioning coach than this? Now I am not sitting here and saying I’m built like The Rock or am any sort of fitness guru, but it doesn’t take one to know that this young man is about to get himself hurt.

I couldn’t help but to pray that Ball’s knees don’t buckle in the first 10 seconds of the video for whatever shoulder press he’s has got going on there. And if the form doesn’t get you to cringe, I am pretty sure the loud “ahhhh” he yells after his reps will. Ball acted as if he had just picked up a pyramid in Egypt and banged out 10 reps with it, with his yell following that last rep.

I find it hard to believe that the Patrick Beverly’s and the Chris Paul’s of the world were able to watch that without busting out the slightest of chuckles. Maybe I am being hard on the guy, but this video is so hard to watch that I think if Adam Silver happens to get a hold of it he may just say fuck it and cancel the 2019-2020 NBA season for good.

I would give it about a week or two before Lavar Ball shows up on ESPN and claims that his son is the strongest guard in the NBA. With that being said, I will see you later folks, I am going to go throw a couple weights around.