Louisiana-Lafayette’s Summer Workouts Look A Whole Lot Like Hazing And A Whole Not Like Fun

UL lafayette workouts

It’s about that time where collegiate football teams return to their universities for the rest of the summer to partake in off-season workouts ahead live football action, which is slated to start on Aug. 26 when Cal takes on Hawaii in Sydney, Australia. Weird, right?

The University of Louisiana-Lafayette Ragin’ Cajuns seem to have a very, erm, unique take on summer camp activities?

Can someone please explain the point of this to me? What, this kinda mentally anguishing stuff prepares players to take the big powerhouses in their conference like McNeese State? Gimme a break.

Would love to see that coach’s face on the way to the ground after his star OL’s meniscus pops the instant he steps onto him. Because that’s the eventual end result of stupid shit like this. Utterly pointless. Team building? Maybe. Results-oriented? Nada.

Like, frats these days get thrown off campus for less than this…

Maybe they’re doing it all for the Twitter, who knows? Regardless, it’s dumb. Really, really dumb.


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