Mac Jones Stays Boring With His Latest Comments About Christmas, Gets Called Out On Social Media

Mac Jones Unsurprisingly Not A Fan Of Christmas Movies

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  • Mac Jones made some comments about Christmas that have some people upset.
  • The Patriots rookie QB doesn’t seem to care too much for the holiday, at least not certain things involved with it, at least.
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Mac Jones is too busy turning into the clone of Tom Brady to get in the holiday spirit this year, he made that abundantly clear during a recent radio hit in Boston.

Jones has fully embraced the Patriot, Bill Belichick way over the last couple of months by becoming one of the most boring players in the NFL when speaking to the media.

After disrespecting Thanksgiving last month by telling the world he hates pie, he’s now attacked Christmas.

During an interview on WEEI radio on Monday, Jones was asked about his favorite Christmas songs and favorite Christmas movie. It turns out that Jones is an actual robot because apparently, he doesn’t have any favorites.

At this point, I think Jones is 100% purposefully saying these things just to get a rile out of the media.

I’ll give him a pass for not having a favorite Christmas song, but how does a 23-year-old American man not have a favorite Christmas movie.

I’m going to go out on a limb here and say that Jones grew up with a television in Jacksonville, FL and I’m also pretty sure he was a kid at some point.

He’s absolutely seen his handful of Christmas movies, maybe not all of the classics, but it would close to physically impossible for him not to have seen at least one of the Home Alone’s, It’s A Wonderful Life, Miracle on 34th Street, or even Christmas With The Kranks for crying out loud.

Jones just flat out saying “no” when asked if he has a favorite Christmas movie is honestly disrespectful.

Twitter let him have it: