Report: Shooter At Madden Tournament Was A Contestant Who Had Lost Earlier

This afternoon, a man attending a Madden NFL 19 qualifying tournament opened fire at a restaurant in a Florida mall, killing three people and injuring 11 others.


Multiple persons on live streams and social media reported a mass shooting at a Madden NFL 19 tournament in Jacksonville, Florida, this afternoon. The Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office confirmed multiple fatalities at the scene, including the suspected shooter.

All surviving gunshot victims are in stable condition, Williams said. He said the sheriff’s office was still working to confirm the identities of the deceased.

Police have identified the shooter a David Katz, who was a contestant in the Madden tournament and was upset because he lost.

Katz apparently targeted one of the other players for talking trash to him during a match.

EA Sports addressed the incident on their Twitter account.

The NFL also responded to the tragic events in Jacksonville

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