Malika Andrews To Replace Mike Greenberg On ‘NBA Countdown’

Malika Andrews working an NBA game

Getty Image / Kevork Djansezian

It’s been a busy year for ESPN, as the world wide leader in sports has made some interesting cuts from its roster.

As it turns out, the company isn’t done making moves just yet, as Mike Greenberg is seemingly on his way out of NBA Countdown with Malika Andrews replacing him.

According to Awful Announcing and The New York Post, the decision to remove Greenberg from NBA Countdown was mutual.” With that said, he’s just stepping away from one of his many roles at ESPN.

“Greenberg maintains no shortage of jobs at ESPN, hosting Get Up on TV and Greeny on radio,” per Awful Announcing.

As for Malika Andrews, she’ll be taking on an expanded role at ESPN, as her work with the NBA has made her a household name for basketball fans.

She’ll be joining the likes of Stephen A. Smith and Michael Wilbon on the set of NBA Countdown.

Additionally, reports indicate ESPN will likely hire one more analyst to fill the “void left by Jalen Rose, who was laid off by ESPN in June,” via Awful Announcing.

With that said, this is a big career move for Andrews. She’s been a bit of a beneficiary of the fallout between ESPN and Rachel Nichols.

First, Malika Andrews replaced Nichols as a reporter for the NBA Finals, then did so again in the studio as a host for ESPN.

Now, Andrews will be even more involved with NBA coverage once the 2024 season kicks off.

With that said, congratulations to Malika Andrews! She’s clearly earned her spot as one of the featured stars for ESPN’s NBA team.