Richard Jefferson’s Joke About Kendrick Perkins Backfires Thanks To Malika Andrews

Richard Jefferson reacting to Malika Andrews' joke


Remember not that long ago when Richard Jefferson became a meme after Kendrick Perkins roasted him out of nowhere?

Well, it’s happened again. This time though, Jefferson was trying to get some revenge on Perkins. But Malika Andrews spoiled it with a roast of her own.

The crew was in discussion about the possibility of LeBron James retiring. Richard Jefferson used the opportunity to make a joke about Kendrick Perkins.

That’s when Malika Andrews struck. She came out of nowhere and Jefferson didn’t see it coming whatsoever. Neither did anyone on set.

Listen to the roast of the century for yourself.

Richard Jefferson’s soul left his body immediately after Malika Andrews came off the top rope!

The look on Jefferson’s face is absolutely priceless. It’s the exact same stare he gave Perkins the first time he became a meme.

But talk about a backfire. I mean, Jefferson’s dig on Perkins was okay. I’ll give him a B+ because he had to get back at him at some point.

However, this whole thing might be over now because Andrews basically took his soul.

On top of that, is Richard Jefferson going to have a joke about Malika Andrews? Will Kendrick Perkins step in and spoil that roast? Did Jefferson just become the butt of the of the joke on the NBA Today set?

It’s a tough look for him, so hopefully he recovers. Also, shoutout for being able to get back to the topic at hand while the entire studio is laughing. That’s a true professional right there.