Richard Jefferson Isn’t Thrilled About Becoming A Meme After Getting Roasted By Kendrick Perkins

Richard Jefferson reacts to getting roasted by Kendrick Perkins


There are plenty of people who bemoan the impact shows centering around sports debates have had on The Discourse as a whole, but it’s hard to blame ESPN and other networks for going all-in on programming that clearly resonates with viewers who can’t help but get riled up by the Hot Takes various talking heads dole out on a daily basis.

There may be some co-hosts out there who genuinely dislike each other, but real, actual interpersonal conflict isn’t exactly conducive to helping a show thrive.

However, programs like Inside the NBA have mastered the art of combining analysis with entertainment, and it’s hard not to appreciate environments where people who share a desk are more than happy to trade some good-natured barbs with each other.

That’s exactly what transpired when Kendrick Perkins and Richard Jefferson were breaking down the NBA Playoffs on ESPN on Wednesday during a segment where the two men were debating the definition of a “complete team.”

Jefferson argued he and Perkins were essentially on the same page before saying “We’re splitting hairs here,” and KP pounced on the opportunity to make a joke at the expense of the retired guard’s hairline (or, more accurately, lack thereof).

Viewers were subsequently treated to a shot of a stone-faced Jefferson staring at Perkins as the big man (justifiably) cackled to himself while relishing in what was an objectively fantastic burn.

Jefferson’s reaction was the textbook definition of “meme-worthy,” and it didn’t take long for people to start to deploy the image to have some fun at his expense.

It appears some of those jokes came to his attention, and while it’s hard to imagine any of them actually got under his skin, he implied that was the case when he hopped on Twitter on Thursday.

Now he knows how Paul Pierce must have felt.

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