Mariners Ace Luis Castillo Destroyed White Sox With 47 Consecutive Fastballs

Mariners ace Luis Castillo

Getty Image / Michael Reaves

Seattle Mariners ace Luis Castillo absolutely destroyed the Chicago White Sox on the mound in the team’s 14-2 win on Monday night.

But what’s even more impressive, is that Castillo beat up the White Sox with one specific pitch type, as he threw 47 consecutive fastballs in the game.

Usually, pitchers will mix things up throughout the game. A few fastballs here, a curveball there, maybe throw a slider, then right back to the fastball.

But Luis Castillo was clearly feeling it with his fastball on Monday night.

Rob Friedman, a well-known baseball analyst who specializes in pitching, shared a two and half minute video showcasing all 47 fastballs the Mariners ace threw against the White Sox.

Watch it for yourself as Castillo’s fastballs were pretty much un-hittable.

Friedman also points out that the Mariners ace was going back and forth between his four-seamer and two-seamer. But still, Castillo lit up the White Sox with fastballs.

From the bottom of the fourth to the bottom of the seventh, Chicago only saw fastballs for roughly three innings. That’s just insane.

Then you see Luis Castillo’s statline from the contest and it’s no wonder the Mariners won.

Castillo is in the seventh year of his career and has been a beast on the mound since his debut. He joined the Mariners during the 2022 season after trading for him from the Cincinnati Reds.

He’s having another All-Star season in Seattle and he just proved he’s one of the top pitchers in baseball with his performance on Monday night.