Mark Buehrle Confirmed That He’d Had ‘A Few’ Beers Prior To His Epic 2005 World Series Save

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Mark Buehrle beers 2005 world series save

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As a sports fan I have had very few moments where the teams I root for have actually won a championship. That’s because, other than the Chicago Bulls of Michael Jordan days, the teams I root for pretty much suck. One of those teams that pretty much suck all the time are my beloved Chicago White Sox. They have won Major League Baseball’s championship a total of three times. Once in 1906 (I wasn’t around). Once in 1917 (again, not around). And then finally, in 2005. (YES!)

In one of the greatest runs in Major League Baseball playoff history my Sox went an amazing 11-1 and ended the team’s 88-year championship drought. One of the most epic games during that run was game three of the 2005 World Series versus the Houston Astros.

In what would be the longest game in World Series history by time and tied for the longest game in World Series history by innings, my White Sox would prevail 7 to 5 in 14 innings. The story of the day, other than Geoff Blum’s shocking and game-winning home run, was the fact that our ace Mark Buehrle got the save after pitching 7-1/3 innings in game two!

Since then there have been rumors that Buehrle, who obviously did not expect to play in the game, had sucked down a few beers in the bullpen before getting the call to close the game. White Sox pitching coach at the time, Don Cooper, had mentioned it in the past, but we’d never had the story confirmed by Buehrle himself, until now.

Mark Buehrle beers 2005 world series save game three

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